Bite Size Savories

filled vol au vent, quiches, mini pizza or tartlets…€1 per canapé

Outside catering

Choice of smoked salmon or cheese sticks; tomato, pesto or olive swirls… 0.50c per canapé

* Portion full Quiche - Many flavors

* Portion full Quiche – Many flavors

Vol au vents

Vol au vents

Sweet mini tatlets

Sweet mini tatlets

Mini viennoiseries

Mini viennoiseries

Variety of sandwiches

Variety of sandwiches

Mini Savory and Sweet Bites

Choice of filled vol au vent, quiches, tartlets, bread sticks, filled choux, swirls, sausage rolls…,

Selection of mini sweet tartlets and filled choux
Tartlet choice: dark chocolate, white chocolate and orange, caramel nuts and raisins, crème brulée, lemon curd, strawberry…


Selection of crustini and mini fougasse 
Large bread filled and cut as sandwiches: prices vary, ask for details
Homemade pizza: 
frozen pizza dough 
Filled vol au vent, Filled chaussons, Open tart( bigger size available), Tartlet, Filled croissant…
Choices: confit d’oinion and goat cheese or mushroom bechamelle and cheese or smoked salmon and mixed vegetables in creamy sauce or Mediterranean vegetables and chorizo in a tomato cream sauce…

Quiche for 8 persons 
Choices: Smoked salmon, baby potatoes, courgettes, or Chorizo, tomatoes, black olives, mozzarella or Mediterranean vegetables and mozzarella or mushrooms and cheese or confit d’onion and goat cheese…

Homemade fresh pasta per portion or 8 portions 
Mixed vegetables Coucsous or other salads.
Tomatoes, black olives, courgettes, cucumbers, roast red peppers, relish,
fresh herbs, Mediterranean vegetables or roast vegetables, with or without chorizo or smoked salmon, toasted almonds or walnuts…

Soup for 8 persons
Choice of: Cream of carrot, Cream of tomato, Cream of red pepper,
Cream of mushroom, Cream of mixed vegetables, Cream of celery, cream of parsnip, Cream of leek and potato, Minestrone, Soup á l’onion á la provençale…
Seafood chowder

Hot dishes

Minimum 8 persons
Seafood homemade pasta
Moroccan chicken couscous or chicken curry and rice and open to more suggestions! Big quantities, smaller prices!



KID’S birthday cakes: muffin cakes: round or heart or teddy shape, decorated with fruits, chocolate, Smarties or icing… different flavours: vanilla, lemon, orange, chocolate, chocolate chips…    8/12 portions size

Or chocolate fondant/brownie recipe
Tropezienne for 12 persons

Brioche (sweet bread) with layers of pastry cream, with or without fruits
8 portions tarts


White chocolate and orange or dark chocolate ganache or Caramel, nuts and raisins, or crème brulée…
Also available in individual tartlet

8 portions fresh fruit tarts with pastry cream
When fruits are in season: Mixed fruits or strawberries
Also available in individual tartlet
8 portions (or more) Wheat free Pavlova
Meringue with fresh cream and fruits
Also available individual

Other 8 portions tarts

Cherry or pear or mixed berries or plum or apricot… and almond cream or lemon curd or apple crumble, mixed berry crumble…

Also available in individual tartlet

8 portions Danish tart

Apricot or mixed berries or pear or caramelised apples …with pastry cream on a disc of croissant dough

Also available in individual Danish

Gateau Basque

Almond cream, pastry cream with or without  mixed berries

Also available in individual tartlet

Dark and white chocolate mousse on a biscuit base (Wheat free);

dark chocolate roulade with white chocolate cream; Vanilla& Pistaccio bavarois, fraisier… and more!

Cheesecake on a biscuit base: choice of strawberry, raspberry and mango &passion fruit or rhubarb


Bread and Viennoiseries:

-One loaf (≈900gr) of multi flavours

Tomato and fennel, black olive, garlic& rosemary, wholemeal, multigrain and white all in one loaf!

-Pain surprise filled with sandwiches, ask for details.

Choice of breads, available in rolls

Pain de campagne (plain white) Baguette, Multigrain (rye and white flour with mixed grains),Germagrain, Rustic (30% rye flour, white flour) Wholemeal& white with seeds, Black olive (white flour),
Tomato& Fennel (white flour), Garlic& rosemary (white flour),
Walnut& raisins, Onion & Bacon, Sourdough bread (yeast free white flour), Irish brown
Banana bread; Orange and yogurt cake; carrot cake, lemon and poppy seeds cake, mixed berry muffin

Brioche (sweet bread)

Selection of Mini viennoiseries

-Plain croissant

-Pain au chocolat; croissant aux amandes; bâton au chocolat; pain au raisin, cinamon swirls, scones with raisins

-Fruit Danish: mixed berries, plum, apple or apricot


Wheat free Chocolate brownies or fondant

And more!!!